I have a decade of experience in behavioral health training, community education, and clinical-community psychology consultation. I have worked on projects ranging from popular media science education to non-profit consultation to innovative mental health program development in the public sector. Recent curriculum vitae here.

My current consultation services include:

  • “PTSD 101,” or basic training on the fundamentals of post-traumatic stress for people outside of the mental health field
  • Multimedia / social media-interfaced mental health and psychology education
  • Integration of behavioral health services in primary care and specialty medicine (e.g., infectious diseases, oncology, etc.)
  • Organizational consulting on trauma-informed services* for small businesses and non-profits
  • Diversity and multicultural competence issues and training
  • Workshops for all levels of expertise on post-traumatic stress disorder and related issues

I am passionate and skilled in helping translate research and practice in mental health to reach a wide audience. For instance, I was the expert content consultant for Crash Course Psychology, a YouTube-based educational series that has (as of this writing) received twenty-two million views. Here’s an example of that work:

Please contact me today for more information on consultation possibilities!