Ranjit Bhagwat, Ph.D.
Bhagwat Psychological Services, PLLC
125 High Rock Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Phone: (518) 309-2185

Fax: (518) 245-9180

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The number above is the best way to contact me. Alternately, you may choose to email me. However, all potential clients should be aware that email cannot be considered secure. You should exercise extreme caution when using electronic means to communicate confidential health information. If you do choose to email, clicking here acknowledges your understanding that e-mail is not a secure means of communication, that I cannot ensure that the confidentiality of your email is completely protected, and that I may not be able to respond to all queries.

My office is conveniently located in downtown Saratoga Springs, within walking distance of local public transportation, parking, and business districts.

Please note that I will no longer be at 58 Henry Street in Saratoga Springs as of May 1st, 2019. All correspondence on or after that date should be directed to 125 High Rock Avenue as listed above.